F-CHROMA (Flare chromospheres: observations, models and archives) is a project funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme. Our goal is to advance understanding of the physics of energy dissipation and radiation in the flaring solar atmosphere, particularly the chromosphere. F-CHROMA will create an archive of chromospheric flare observations and models to be made available to the community for further research. 

A crucial component of F-CHROMA is a dissemination effort to make the results of these activities available to and usable by the community, including the involvement of amateur astronomers in co-ordinated flare observing campaigns. These joint observing campaigns will be organized together between space and ground-based solar observatories and amateurs, who can observe the Sun with their instrumentation. Amateur astronomer can often carry out very useful solar observations, which complement professional solar data. The most desirable data are long time series with large field-of-view and broadband context images of solar flares. This kind of observation is often missing in professional solar data, where the main emphasis is on getting high spectral resolution data of particular flare structures.

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The main aim of this outreach F-CHROMA web site is to promote solar physics and the flare research within F-CHROMA project to non-professional and professional audience, and to encourage amateur astronomers to observe our active Sun.

tl_files/fchroma/articles/bialkow_flare.jpgChromospheric ribbons observed on October 28, 2003 during large X17 solar flare in the hydrogen H-alpha line (Observed in: Astronomical Institute, University of Wroclaw, Poland)