Are you an amateur of solar observations? Do you have equipment suitable for safe solar observations? Are you interested in solar astrophotography and image processing techniques? Are you amazed by majestic power of solar flares and eruptions? Do you want to contribute to the database of amateur observations dedicated solely to these explosive phenomena in solar atmosphere? If you answered “yes” to at least some of these questions, participate in F-HUNTERS observation campaign and start your hunt for flares today!

is an observation campaign targeted to amateur astronomers, organized by dissemination team of F-CHROMA project. The main goal is to encourage solar astrophotographers to hunt for solar flares, process the images and send them to F-HUNTERS data center. Created database of amateur flare observations will be used jointly with data from space and ground-based observatories.

How to hunt for solar flares in F-HUNTERS project?

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Our scientist have prepared many information about the Sun. There is some basic guide, covering entire solar structure, from the core to the corona. There is also an article focusing solely on observational aspects of solar flares -- how do they look, how often they occur, when to expect them and how to see them. Illustration lovers will enjoy our presentations section where some interesting topics are highlighted in pictures. 

For our observers, we have prepared a very detailed tutorial in Observing Guide section, covering a broad range of topics. Starting from basic methods of solar observations, such as projection method and types of solar filters, we end with nearly complete, step-by-step instruction how to capture a flare with most popular equipment. There are also some technical articles about main differences between scientific and amateur astrophotography.

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